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CBDA vs CBD vs CBN: How To Choose The Best Cannabidiol for You

CBDA vs CBD vs CBN: How To Choose The Best Cannabidiol for You

CBDA vs CBD vs CBN: How To Choose The Best Cannabidiol for You


Happy Canyon Farms makes delicious small batch CBDA gummies from organic hemp, designed to be fast acting through nano tech, and whose CBDA extract is up to 1000x more effective than standard CBD. They are 100% vegan and GMO free. You've probably heard of CBD a lot and now CBN and wondered about the difference between them. Cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD) are cannabinoids naturally produced by the cannabis plant. And while they are both non-intoxicating, they both produce a range of other effects when consumed. In fact, CBDA is the precursor chemical that produces CBD.


CBDA vs CBD vs CBN, What's the Difference?

CBN acts at the CBG receptor whereas CBD does not. CBDA is a so called “hallucinogenic” compound. CBDA has antiepileptic and anti-inflammatory properties and is often used to help ease the symptoms of autism, cancer, seizures and other serious medical conditions. CBDA has very little or no psychoactive effects. The ratios of CBDA to CBD vary widely depending on the different strains and ratios of different cannabinoids present. So, it seems that CBDA is somewhat like THC with anti-inflammatory properties, CBG, while CBD has a more pain relief/anxiety-killing aspect. CBD is also being researched for use in Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's-like dementia and Parkinson's disease.


Natural vs synthetic

Natural CBD is naturally derived from hemp, derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is impossible to make artificial CBD. Natural CBD is from pure hemp, which is a form of cannabis that has not been contaminated by chemicals. No pesticides have been used on the hemp plants that are being used to make natural CBD. Furthermore, when you use a cannabinoid supplement with natural CBD, it will not have any risk of psychoactive effects. The Hemp Is Green claims to be 100% natural and still contain no CBD. Pure CBD The Pure CBD brand has grown from strength to strength and now counts 50,000 customers. The Pure CBD CBD oil is produced from organic hemp, which has not been contaminated by chemicals.



CBDs are popular and widely available with high amounts of the phytocannabinoid THC. Unlike CBN, these plants don't produce THC and therefore aren't the well known medical marijuana ingredient. CBDs can be extracted from industrial hemp, which is grown specifically to be used in research. Canna-Businesses often use industrial hemp to harvest its full plant goodness and, because of its higher CBD content. CBD oil comes from hemp with less than 0.3% THC, making it much safer than cannabis. CBD is non-intoxicating and not the get high type of CBD, but it does contain cannabinoids that could help people with conditions like pain, anxiety, inflammation, inflammation of the liver, and memory loss.


What is CBDA?

CBDA and CBN are non-psychoactive cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. This means that the effects of taking CBD or CBDA are greatly diminished compared to THC, which gives you a high. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. It is commonly used to treat a variety of ailments like pain, inflammation, epilepsy, and anxiety. It is considered one of the most powerful cannabinoids in the plant, with up to 10x more potency than THC. What are the benefits of Cannabidiol? CBDA can be a powerful antioxidant, with a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effect. CBDA has a cooling and numbing effect that makes it a great sleep aid.


Why is CBDA the best choice?

CBDA contains over 70% CBD: making it the most effective cannabinoid compared to CBD, and a much more well rounded medicine. In fact, CBDA contains approximately 70% THC, making it the most potent cannabinoid, but you may never feel its effects. It does not produce side effects, and is a more sustainable product. How do I know if I am getting the right product? Happy Canyon makes their products in small batches to ensure their quality is great and their customer service is always available to answer any queries you have. Once you try the Happy Canyon CBDA gummies, you will never look back.



As a novice cannabis user, I too was confused about the differences between CBD and CBDA. After thoroughly researching the matter, I feel comfortable recommending CBDA to the cannabis newbie as the perfect starting dose for when you feel less energetic and your body is sluggish. Now, you don't have to worry about going through endless trial and error to find your ideal dose of CBD. Happy Canyon Farms has the answer. They make delicious small batch CBD gummies. Their formula contains a high concentration of CBDA (close to 90%) and the amount of CBD is carefully controlled at 12 milligrams of active ingredient per milligram of edible material. That's about three to four times more effective than a standard CBD.

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